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By providing products and services that can detect problems in a conveyor system before becoming severe, rEscan can alert and inform on-site personnel and can help formulate an appropriate response to a problem - be it requiring repair, removal or further monitoring.  

This proactive maintenance can result in the conveyor system lasting well into the future and help minimize unscheduled down time and cost.  By utilising our remote and semi-remote systems this allows monitoring to occur at anytime without stopping the belt..

Welcome to rEscan International

"We work across the globe with the worlds leading companies to help them get the best value from their conveyor system"

rEscan International was formed in November of 2004 with the aim of providing cost effective NDT and Remote NDT products and services for conveyor belt end-users in the materials handling sector.  rEscan continues to improve current lines and develop new solutions based on customers needs with the emergence of new technologies and practices.

Through strategic alliances rEscan aims to provide a total conveyor maintenance solution for all conveyor belt end-users within the materials handling sector.

Vision:  "To be respected as the safest, most professional and succesful conveyor solution provider in the world"

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