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rEscan North America

By providing products and services that can detect problems in a conveyor system before becoming severe, rEscan can alert and inform on-site personnel and can help formulate an appropriate response to a problem - be it requiring repair, removal or further monitoring.  

This proactive maintenance can result in the conveyor system lasting well into the future and help minimize unscheduled down time and cost.  By utilising our remote and semi-remote systems this allows monitoring to occur at anytime without stopping the belt..

AS1755 Audits

Often when performing a scanning or inspection servce rEscan will often recommend, or be requested to perform an AS1755 Audit.  rEscan offers AS1755 Audit capability through it's alliance with Risk Free Workplace.

Risk Free Workplace is the leading AS1755 auditing company in Australia. One of the Team Leaders of Risk Free Workplace is Paul Bryant, who is the current chairperson for the AS1755 Audit Commitee.  

Through state of the art software and hardware packages, Risk Free Workplace can perform an AS1755 Audit quicker, cheaper and more detailed than any other company in Australia today.

AS1755 Audits can be arranged through contacting your local rEscan branch.

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