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rEscan North America

By providing products and services that can detect problems in a conveyor system before becoming severe, rEscan can alert and inform on-site personnel and can help formulate an appropriate response to a problem - be it requiring repair, removal or further monitoring.  

This proactive maintenance can result in the conveyor system lasting well into the future and help minimize unscheduled down time and cost.  By utilising our remote and semi-remote systems this allows monitoring to occur at anytime without stopping the belt.


Our Mission

“rEscan International is the supplier of choice for innovative, real-time conveyor diagnostics
that reduce risk and improve efficiency in materials handling”

These prioritised Corporate Philosophies will reflect in every thing rEscan does as an organisation:

1.    Safety
2.    Environment
3.    Quality
4.    People & Partnerships
5.    Innovation
6.    Profitable Growth

rEscan will lead the market and create and sustain a competitive advantage by managing our business through strong leadership, excellence in training, pride in the way we do things, and the intelligence with which we seek to understand and provide what our customers want.

Our Australian manufactured products and services will be available through rEscan branches and any other channel of distribution that is necessary to offer a better service than our competitors.

Satisfying our customers will be paramount in everything rEscan does. Our customers will experience technically superior products and professional advice and service on conveyor systems.

By best satisfying our customers needs rEscan will become a valued partner, increasing the wealth of both, and creating growth and development opportunities for our people. Our focus will be providing quality and practical solutions to the challenges faced by our customers, in the safe and efficient transportation of their products.

Our aim will always be to minimise the risks and production costs of our customers. Our customers will treasure their relationship with rEscan because it is based on honesty, integrity, friendliness, and excellent service provided by the best, highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

A “can do” culture will be demonstrated in everything we do, and our sense of urgency will be evident in the way we energetically get things done. rEscan will tackle issues with a “Right First Time” attitude, whilst always looking for ways of continuous improvement.

Our people will have a deep sense of pride in their professionalism being part of the rEscan team. This will be obvious in the way they always seek to offer the best advice and sell the right products to help customers solve their problems.

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